The Best Morning Routine for Men to Get Energized for Any Type of Day

This quick warmup flow will get your blood pumping. Who needs coffee?

Waking up feeling lethargic is the pits. Thankfully, you have more than coffee to fight off first thing in the morning grogginess. You can implement a warmup regimen for your day, just like you would for a workout.

“Today we're going to give you the perfect morning routines that you can increase your blood flow, increase your energy levels to win your day,” says physical therapist Daniel Giordano, DPT, PT, CSCS of Bespoke Treatments.

In our latest episode of “The Fix,” Giordano shares his quick morning flow routine to get your day started on the right side of the bed. Read the overview below, and then check out the video for an in-depth run-through of each move.

The Best Morning Routine Warmup

  • Overhead Stretch

    Start in the standing position as soon as you roll out of bed. Interlock your hands and reach up to the ceiling. Feel the stretch throughout your core. Then you're gonna come down, hinge your hips, and reach to the ground. You should feel the stretch of your posterior chain. Then, start walking your hands out into a high plank.

    • Spiderman Lunge with Thoracic Rotation

      Once you’re in this high plank position from the stretch above, move your foot outside the right hand, and then drop that elbow down to the ground and rotate up to the ceiling. Come down, bring the leg back and repeat the same thing on the other side.

      • Scorpion Stretch

        Lower yourself down to a flat position with your stomach on the floor and your arms stretched out. Lift one leg up and over the other and look the opposite direction. You’ll feel the stretch through your hip and the pec on the opposite side. Repeat on the other side. Push up to a high plank then up into a downward dog and walk your hands back and take it from the top with the overhead stretch and repeat the flow again.

        “As you do this, you can increase the speed,” says Giordano. “If you increase the speed, we'll just increase the heart rate slightly and really get your blood flowing.” Best of all, he says that “through this flow, your body is going to be more ready to tackle that day ahead.”

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