SECRET INVASION isn't pulling any punches. In Episode 1, the show started off with the death of Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), an unexpected early departure for one of the MCU's greatest espionage agents. And it looks like the show is giving us another shocker in Episode 3—centered on G'iah (Emilia Clarke), a somewhat unexpected hero in her own right.

The episode begins as Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) gets his plan for human extinction underway, disguising members of his team as various British navy officers to bomb an American submarine and start a war among the humans (and then eventually create an army of Super-Skrulls to further dominate the planet). Gravik's plan is to cause chaos among humans, who have no idea Skrulls are living among them. Talos' (Ben Mendelsohn) daughter, G'iah, has supplanted herself as one of Gravik's most trusted soldiers. In reality, she's feeding information back to her father. When G'iah learns of the impending bombing, she sneaks around the Skrull camp to find a secret code that will rescind the bomb order.

She gives Talos the order–he disguises himself as the naval officer to give the code–and prepares to make a getaway on her motorbike. There's only one problem: Gravik.

The leader of the Skrull rebellion intercepts her before she can leave and after a brief conversation, shoots her. But would the show really kill off such an important character in this Secret Invasion story? Could there be a way she makes it out alive? And what would happen if she really did die?

Here's what we know about G'iah's death and what it could mean for the second half of Secret Invasion.

Did G'iah Really Die in Secret Invasion Episode 3?

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Unless she secretly wore a bulletproof vest, it looks like G'iah is dead. Unless...

In an earlier part of Episode 3, we see Talos shoot another Skrull, who upon his death immediately reverts to his real Skrull face, as he's no longer able to keep up his shapeshifting ability. That's exactly what we see happen to G'iah when she's shot by Gravik, meaning she may really be dead.

But the episode cuts to black quickly after the shot, so unlike with Maria Hill, we didn't see G'iah bleed out. Maybe there's hope? A potential theory could that G'iah came prepared with protection to block the bullet (she did tell Gravik to shoot her facing him, so it's possible this was a play) and then changed into her real Skrull form to throw him off.

If she really did fake her death, it'd be a perfect way to exit the Skrull rebellion, as from now on she can simply take on a new face and keep Gravik in the dark. We'll have to wait until Episode 4 to find out, however, as the show gave us no hint to G'iah's real fate.

And if she really is dead, you can only imagine the fury that Talos will have for Gravik after taking out both his wife and his daughter.

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