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Try This 6 Move Dumbbell Workout That Mixes Speeds to Build More Muscle

Close up of young weightlifter Preparing for dead-lifting

3 Lifting Straps for Your Next Weight Room PR

This gear can help you get a grip to pull even heavier weight.

by Ben Radding and Brett Williams, NASM

Try This Eccentric Arm Day Finisher

Burn out your bis and tris with this tough superset focused on a part of your lifts you might (too often) ignore.

By Brett Williams, NASM
mature male weight lifter exercises and does intense workout in well lit studio gym

3 Better Alternatives to the Barbell Upright Row

This barbell-centric bodybuilding classic is hell on your joints. Give 3 alternative moves a chance for safer workouts.

By Jeff Tomko
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets 'Pumped' in Gym Photo

Reminder: This is the same guy who turns 75 years old next month.

By Katie Dupere
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These Are Some of the Best Exercises to Help You Build Big Arms

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How You Can Roll Your Body for Better Movement

Whether you're over 40 or a young athlete, these rolling patterns can be a helpful warmup and gauge of core stability.

By Milo F. Bryant, C.S.C.S.


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A Taylor Swift Workout Is Going Viral on TikTok

jake fedorowski interview

How A Non-Binary Runner Decided to Speak Up

the rock, dwayne johnson

The Rock Shared How He Gets a Massive Arm Day Pump

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Rotate Your Way to a Stronger Six-Pack

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