SINCE THE '90s, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a mainstay in both television and movies. One his most well-known roles to date is as Negan on The Walking Dead, but the actor is also recognizable for starring in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, The CW's Supernatural and more. He's also about to start a new role on Season 4 of The Boys, which both he and fans agree adding him in the show will make it even "filthier." The actor joined Men's Health on a deep dive into the Internet and to see fans really think of the actor.

One of the first comments Morgan saw? A side-by-side of him and Javier Bardem from a Reddit post. Yes, he knows he looks a lot like the No Country for Old Men Oscar winner and Skyfall villain. No, they're not related. But people mistake him for Bardem all the time. "I could be at the airport, I could be at the grocery store, and I'd literally get tackled by somebody speaking Spanish at 100 miles an hour," he says.

Want to know about his workout routine? It turns out, Morgan hasn't been to a gym since Watchmen, when he played the immoral superhero at that story's center, The Comedian. He's all about being "farm fit." Instead of lifting weights or running on a treadmill, Morgan likes to do more outdoorsy activities, like cutting wood, throwing hay bales around, and riding around with his 5-year-old on dirt bikes. "Don't tell my wife," he says.

For more about his time on The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, and more, check out the our video.

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