MAINTAINING CLEAR, acne-free skin is not always as easy as it looks. For most people, it's a constant battle between preventing and treating breakouts and dealing with the evidence left behind in the form of acne scars. It happens to everyone—usually, right before a big meeting at work or a party you've been looking forward to.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle overnight cure. (Trust us, we've tried everything that claims to be.) Clearing acne-prone skin takes time and patience, but when you’re consistent with a good skin care routine, those efforts can and will pay off.

However, the confusing world of skincare products doesn't make it easy on you. The sheer amount of steps and variety of ingredients only makes it more difficult to decipher which products actually do what they say they’re going to do. Once you find the right products and understand how to use them, it takes consistency to see results. If you struggle with regular breakouts, incorporating lifestyle changes into your daily skincare routine can also make a real difference in the amount and severity of breakouts you experience.

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Stop throwing money away buying new products and start learning your skin and what it needs to function properly. The skin is an organ, and like the rest of your organs, the skin benefits from consistent healthy habits.

No more guessing or gambling—this guide includes everything you will need to prepare your body for long-term clear skin, including dietary and lifestyle changes.

SO HERE IS THE CHALLENGE: 4 weeks of step-by-step instructions to help rid and keep your skin clear of blemishes.

Over the course of the next 4 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • How the skin cycle works, why it matters, and how to navigate the different phases for clearer skin
  • How to build a skincare routine that works for you and your lifestyle
  • When and how to use treatments like exfoliants, spot creams, acne patches, etc.

This 30-day challenge isn't a guarantee that your acne will disappear and never come back—it's simply a starting point. A lot can happen in 30 days, but lasting transformation takes time. When it comes to skincare, consistency is key. Once your routine is established, you may start to see real results in as little as four weeks, but it takes longer for skin concerns like acne scarring to disappear.

“There aren’t that many quick fixes out there to make the skin look young and glowing overnight, so patience is a virtue,” said Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Founder and Lead Facial Plastic Surgeon of DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Boston and Palm Beach.The good news it is that it takes about 28 days for the skin’s cells to turnover, which makes it possible for a near complete skin revitalization within this timeframe.”

Ready to start your clear skin regimen? This 30-day challenge is your guide to building your best skincare routine.


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