DWYANE WADE, RUSSELL Wilson, LeBron—we see you. The life of a #GirlDad is unique and challenging, and it’s no wonder that everyone from superstar athletes to regular ol’ guys is hyping the many joys of raising daughters.

When it comes to raising sons, however, so much of what we read and watch today focuses on the problems—or the idea that boys themselves are some kind of problem to solve.

But talk to any father of a boy and he’ll tell you that while raising a son in 2023 may be tough and turbulent, as the old rules around work, play, strength, love, and “masculinity” go up in flames, it’s also a ton of fun and he wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re #BoyDads, and boy, do they have some stories to share.

The crisis with boys and young men you’ve probably heard about? It’s real.

But you know what else is real? The joy of raising sons and the need to celebrate boys and young men for all the ways they’re awesome. Just ask these six fathers.

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Paul is the Food & Nutrition Editor of Men’s Health. He’s also the author of two cookbooks: Guy Gourmet and A Man, A Pan, A Plan.