NBA great Michael Jordan has finally revealed what he thinks of his son Marcus' relationship with Bravo celebrity Larsa Pippen... and it's not good. Page Six reports that while leaving a restaurant in Paris this week, Jordan was asked by reporters about his opinion on Marcus dating Larsa and specifically whether or not he approves.

"Hey, Mr. Jordan, what do you think about Marcus and Larsa Pippen together?" a paparazzo can be heard asking in a video acquired by TMZ. "You approve of it?

Jordan's answer? A resounding "No."

What the Space Jam star did not clarify in his response is why he disapproves; it could be because of the age gap between Larsa, 48, and Marcus, 32. More likely, though, is the fact that Larsa—a star of the Real Housewives of Miami reality TV franchise—is the ex-wife of Jordan's former Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen, with whom she shares four children.

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Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan
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Jordan's beef with Pippen is well-documented. The 2020 ESPN miniseries The Last Dance chronicled their time playing together with the Bulls in the '90s, and one episode focused in particular on Pippen's decision not to have surgery during the offseason so that his summer would not be complicated by rehab, meaning his surgery and rehab affected his availability in the '97-'98 season, at which time he was surrounded by trade rumors.

"I thought Scottie was being selfish," Jordan remarked of this decision in the documentary. Pippen has since stated that he felt "wounded and disappointed" by his depiction in The Last Dance, and by Jordan's words about him, leading to a rift between the two players—a rift which now appears to be affecting Jordan's relationship with his son's girlfriend.

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