Jensen Ackles Just Opened Up About His Naked Introduction on The Boys

The actor made his official debut in the superhero series wearing "nothing but a sock."

Season three of The Boys hasn't skimped on its trademark graphic violence, but it is also delivering more in the way of nudity. First we had the unforgettable (for all the wrong reasons) cocaine-and-penis sequence of episode one, which saw Termite use his powers to stimulate his lover with painfully messy results. And later, after being teased in several flashbacks, viewers finally got their first proper look at the presumed-dead superhero Soldier Boy. And boy, did they see a lot of him.

The character, who is The Boys' in-universe equivalent of Captain America, made his official entrance in the episode "Glorious Five Year Plan," which saw him emerging from cryogenic sleep fully in the nude. The scene was a real showcase for the muscular physique that Ackles spent months building prior to shooting,

Jensen Ackles, who plays Soldier Boy, recently shared with Entertainment Weekly what filming that scene was like, revealing that he actually was completely naked, aside from a modesty sock.

"What better way to bring a new guy onto the set and then make him take all his clothes off?" Ackles joked. "So, yeah, it was a nice intro for me into a completely foreign space with nothing on but a sock."

Prior to the new season dropping on Amazon Prime, Ackles teased his character's debut on Instagram with a throwback photo taken between scenes on the set, showing off the muscle he packed on for the role—and the beard he grew for that stasis scene.

"I didn't know that I could grow a beard," Ackles told EW, explaining that he first started to grow out his facial hair during the lockdown in 2020, which he spent in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and children. "It became its own thing. I had more products on the bathroom counter for the hair on my face than anything else and it was a little obnoxious. My wife was done with it. She was like 'Enough with the beard. Can we get rid of that?'"

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