You know what, brother? Just because Hulk Hogan eats non-dairy ice cream all day, well, “you just can’t have mashed potato muscles and be a cream puff, brother, you gotta get your ass down to the gym and do some hanging and banging, dumbbell curls, good looking girls like Sky Daily, big arms, big paychecks, brother! Arghhh!”

Men’s Health is in Clearwater Beach, Florida at the house of Terry Gene Bollea (Hogan) who is now 69, sober, and maybe in the best shape of his sexagenarian life. “I wasn’t educated in terms of quality of food. Or quantity. I was just hungry all the time,” Hulk tells us, while taking us through a tour of his kitchen and home gym.

Hulk’s now many meals removed from his wrestling days, which included a breakfast of twelve fried eggs, two hamburger patties, oatmeal, and lots of butter. He’s six months removed from his last drink and many drinks removed from his wrestling night diet, which was mostly drinks. (Pre-match meal: three Miller Lites and two Tylenols. Post-match meal: twelve Miller Lites.) Hulk says he stopped drinking for several reasons. “It got to be a way to numb me a little bit, because I had a bunch of crazy business problems and personal stuff going on,” he explains. “And I caught myself after I would train, getting too aggressive with alcohol. So I just had to stop it.”

Nowadays, Hulk drinks zero Miller Lites and consumes zero Tylenols. It’s all water and organic foods, and Hulk is now down to a lean 265 pounds. (“The last time I weighed 265 I was in ninth grade.”) Hulk’s all about organic food. (Hulk’s breakfast: couple yogurts, a banana, and organic coffee. Hulk’s lunch: chicken or steak or sashimi. Hulk’s dinner: chicken or steak or sashimi. Hulk’s fridge: stacked.)

Mr. America broke down how he’s staying clean and pumped on the edge of 69.

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Joshua St. Clair
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